About the Enerlume EM

In many applications, fluorescent lighting accounts for 40% - 80% of your electric bill. One way to reduce that cost is to simply cut voltage and dim the lights. That's the way traditional "Black Box" sine wave toppers operate. Another is to turn the lights off. Building Management Systems save money by eliminating light. Now you can keep the lights on and bright, and save money at the same time.

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The EnerLume-EMT is designed to improve lighting efficiency so your lighting levels are maintained with less electricity. While other devices cut electrical flow by "topping" sine waves. the patent pending EnerLume-EM™ takes a more intelligent approach, resulting in an entirely new way to reduce electrical consumption. Additionally, this new technology works with both new and existing fluorescent lighting systems.

The EnerLume-EM™ dramatically reduces the cost of running fluorescent lights without sacrificing lighting quality. In addition, the EnerLume-EM™ can be programmed to dim or selectively curtail after hours lighting levels for even greater savings.

The EnerLume-EM™ is a lighting energy management system designed to reduce the power required for operating magnetic or electronic ballasts in fluorescent lighting systems. The EnerLume-EM™ manages the incoming power so the ballasts draw energy only when power transmission is most efficient. This patent pending capability cuts energy costs while reducing light levels so little that no light loss can be seen by the human eye.

In typical installations, the EnerLume-EM™ is mounted adjacent to the fluorescent lighting panel to be treated. A single EnerLume-EM™ unit can treat all fixtures fed by the lighting panel. The EnerLume-EM™ is UL and CUL listed and housed in a steel, NEMA rated enclosure. The EnerLume-EM™ is offered in six different models to meet your specific voltage and capacity requirements.