HVAC Controls

The Intellidyne product line is an outstanding way to improve the efficiencies of existing boilers and HVAC equipment without expensive retrofits or replacements.  Click Here to view these products.

In 2001, we begin evaluating the Intellidyne line, and after extensive field research and positive customer testimony, Smart Building Products chose Intellidyne Controls as our premier commercial HVAC control line because of ease of installation, commissioning and trouble-free operation. 

About Us

Smart Building Products is a women business enterprise (WBE) owned and operated by Denise and Eric Ackerly.  We are personally committed to providing services that embrace energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies for the commercial energy sector and for the residential energy sector.

The products that we offer are selected based upon in-depth personal research and testimony from manufacturers and from customers.  When new products or services are added, a full investigation of  reliability, service length, energy impact and economics is completed.  Only products that meet our personal strict guidelines are accepted by our company for recommendation to our customers.

We value our customer’s feedback and opinions regarding our workmanship and product performance and strive for complete satisfaction.

Our personal commitment to renewable energy strategies and energy efficiency is based upon our desire to help make the planet more sustainable and to reduce our consumption of energy whether it be through energy conservation or through fuel switching to a renewable fuel source.

We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your energy needs or ideas concerning your buildings and infrastructure.